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Live Southern Australian Rock Lobster


The Seafood Gourment from Australia
Fresh Live Lobster to Your Kitchen

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Enjoy the finest seafood- Southern Australian Rock Lobster at home. Our Rock Lobsters are delivered live to your kitchen
Fresh Lobster to your kitchen.

Southern Australian Rock Lobster is the top of the lobster’s gourmet, also reckon is the best lobster in the world.
Because of the southern Australian Lobsters come from a saltier and cold ocean area, the lobster meat has richer and more succulent taste than another lobsters.
Caught from the ice-cold water from the Southern Australia, Live Southern Australian Rock Lobsters give you the ambrosial flavor and firm texture that all lobster’s lovers are looking for. A wild, strictly controlled harvest from the most pristine oceans in the world, Australian Southern Rock lobster fishermen produce a consistently excellent product acknowledged favorably by good chefs worldwide.

Small (Suggested Serving: 1-2) | Medium (Suggested Serving: 2-3) | Large (Suggested Serving: 3-5) | Jumbo (Suggested Serving: 6+)

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Small (About 0.75KG to 0.9KG), Medium (About 1KG to 1.2KG), Large (About 1.5KG to 1.8KG), Jumbo (About 2.1KG+ Actually weight & price will be confirmed by phone)

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