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Fresh Live Maine Lobster


From the American Bay to Your Door
Big Crals with Creamy-White Meat

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Our Fresh Maine LobsterMaine Lobster are also well-known as Boston Lobster. Our wild-caught Live freshest grade-A Live Maine Lobsters come right from the ocean We believe in the real taste of live lobster, and we know how much freshness and sweetness have lost by freezing the lobsters.

Only the freshest Live Lobsters give you that rich and firm, supple texture.
Famous by their two large claws and cream-white meat.
Weight from around 1 pound -1.2 pounds each.

Fresh v.s Frozen

The frozen Maine lobster that we can easily buy in stores in Hong Kong have been freezing from couple weeks to couple months. In such a freezing condition, the juice in the lobster body turns to ice. And when customers defrost the lobster to cook, the frozen lobster juice melts and goes, therefore the frozen lobster has such a tough and dry texture. Many people think that frozen seafood are convenient, but the fact is, it takes much longer to defrost them before we can actually start cooking.
Enjoy the freshness and sweetness from our Live Maine Lobster.

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