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Live Western Australian Rock Lobster


Time for a Fancy Seafood Dinner
Live Fresh Lobster to Your Kitchen

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Fresh Lobster Delivery in Hong Kong

We hand-selected each of our lobsters before delivery. Let us deliver the Live Western Australian Rock Lobster to your kitchen.

Our Western Australian Rock Lobster

Western Australian Rock Lobster lives in cold-icy water in western Australian. With a smaller head and thinner shell, Western Australian Rock Lobster is full of meat.

All RedDeliBox ‘s Live Western Australian Rock Lobsters arrive Hong Kong the day before it’s delivery, to ensure our consumers get the freshest lobsters as they are have the lobster of the Australian shore.

Small (Suggested Serving: 1-2) | Medium (Suggested Serving: 2-3) | Large (Suggested Serving: 3-5) | Jumbo (Suggested Serving: 6+)

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Small (About 0.75KG to 0.9KG), Medium (About 1KG to 1.2KG), Large About 1.5KG to 1.8KG), Jumbo (About 2.1KG+ Actually weight & price will be confirmed by phone)


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