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Live French Brown Crab


Gourmet from France to Your Kitchen
Prefect Match with Champagne

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Small (About 1.3lbs to 1.6lbs)
Large (About 2lbs to 2.3lbs)


Live French Brown Crab to Your Kitchen

Frozen brown crabs are widely available in Hong Kong, but do you know live brown crab tastes a lot different than a frozen brown crab?

Our Live French Brown Crab

Our French Brown Crab(Cancer pagurus) are freshly imported from France by air, and we hand-select each one to find our customers. Brown Crab reaches 20-25cm/8-10in across and has heavy front claws with almost-black pincers, a rusty-red or brown shell, and red hairy legs mottled with white.

Brown Crabs are widely known for their delicious brown and white meat, and its year-round availability. When buying brown crab it is better to buy the crab while it is still alive.

Our Live French Brown Crabs weigh from 1.3 pounds to 2.3 pounds, Small & Large two sizes available.
Get Your Live French Brown Crab today!

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Small (About 1.3lbs to 1.6lbs), Large (About 2lbs to 2.3lbs)


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