Live Californian Geoduck Clam


Must-Have for Hotpot & Sashimi
Extraordinarily Sweet and Fresh

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Live Californian Geoduck Clam to Your Kitchen
Enjoying the finest seafood gourmet at home cannot be easier by ordering from RedDeliBox. We deliver the freshest Live Californian Geoduck right to your door.
Our Live Californian Geoduck
Our Geoducks are freshly imported from America by air freight, and we hand-select each one to find our customers.
Geoduck is one of the most long-living creatures in the world, and it can live up to 100 years old.
is a Pacific Northwest native and one of the most prized seafood in the world. In sashimi, geoduck is extraordinarily sweet and crunchy.
Our Live Californian Geoduck Clam normally comes in two sizes, Medium and Large available.

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Medium ( 2.6 lbs – 3.3 lbs ), Large ( 4 lbs – 4.5 lbs )


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